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Pure Olive Oil Producers

The Skiadas Family have been producing high-quality Virgin Olive Oil for more than over 100 years.

Our family estate is located in Chrisofora and dates back to 1874 when our great-grandfather Aristides Skiadas and his wife Kanella settled in Chriosofora, Stefi, Messinias.

In 1915 our grandfather Giorgos Skiadas inherited the estate and continued to harvest the crops with his four young sons Sotiris, Vagellis, Alekos, Ioannis and their mother Sofia.

The olive harvest begins around mid-December when the ripening olives acquire a violet color.  Olives are then harvested using specialized combing and shaking machines which reduces the risk of harming the crop.  They are then placed in purpose boxes to ensure ventilation until the extraction process which commences immediately after the harvest of the day.  The oil is then extracted in a 2-phase continuous cycle crusher and ultimately produces a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a very low acidity.

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The Skiadas Family Estate is located in the town of Chrisofora that is in the dimo (municipality) of Messini of the nomos (prefecture) Messinia, which was once an ancient district of the southwestern part of the Peloponnese

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